Action Plans

The Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) is an overarching succinct and high-level strategy, with reference to more comprehensive, targeted and detailed supporting information found elsewhere, including in regional sub-strategies and action plans. Regional action plans that support and seek to implement the Regional Catchment Strategy include:

Action Plan for the Regional Land Partnerships Program

This addendum to the RCS sets out how the Wimmera region will contribute to the Australian Government’s 5 year Outcomes and Investment Priorities under the Regional Land Partnerships Program.

Wimmera Carbon Ready Plan

The Wimmera Carbon Ready Plan developed in 2016 details the actions required for the management of native vegetation, soils and other natural assets in the context of adapting to and mitigating the impacts of a changing climate.

Wimmera Waterway Strategy

The Wimmera Waterway Strategy 2014-22 details the actions required to achieve the long-term and short-term outcomes for the region’s rivers, streams and wetlands. It identifies priority waterways and includes a detailed set of management targets for each priority.

Wimmera Biodiversity Action Plan

The Wimmera Biodiversity Action Plan represents a first step in identifying and prioritising projects to conserve the Wimmera’s biodiversity. The plan sets out how the Wimmera could contribute to achieving the RCS’s desired outcomes for biodiversity and targets under the Victorian Government’s Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037 plan.

Wimmera Floodplain Management Strategy

The Wimmera Floodplain Management Strategy outlines priority actions designed to deliver floodplain specific outcomes outlined in the RCS.

Wimmera Strategic Directions Statement

The Wimmera Strategic Directions Statement outlines the priority integrated water management projects for the region. They are designed to improve the liveability of the region’s towns and city by implementing improvements to the regional water cycle. It supports and complements the outcomes in the RCS.

Wimmera Invasive Plant and Animal Management Strategy

This action plan under the RCS outlines an approach to setting priorities for coordinated management of invasive plants and animals in the region.