Development of the Wimmera RCS

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority led the development of the Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy with valuable contributions from a range of partner organisations, groups and individuals with interests and expertise in integrated catchment management.

A review of the Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) 2013-19 was completed in 2019 following a series of meetings with partner and stakeholder organisations and groups.

Meetings discussed feedback on the existing strategy and focused on looking forward, identifying regional and Local Area priorities, challenges and issues.

Following the review, the steps taken to develop the Wimmera RCS included:

  1. During 2020, Wimmera Catchment Management Authority (CMA) staff developed working drafts, collating a range of information and evidence and discussing content with stakeholders.
  2. In February and March 2021, a Stakeholder Consultation Draft was provided to a range of partner and stakeholder organisations and groups. The Wimmera CMA Board’s Business and Planning Committee also reviewed this draft.
  3. Wimmera CMA refined the draft RCS, incorporating feedback on the Stakeholder Consultation Draft, and continuing to work with stakeholders where necessary.
  4. A full draft was released for public consultation from 31 March until 3 May 2021. The draft was also provided to partner and stakeholder organisations and groups for further comment.
  5. Following the public consultation period, Wimmera CMA revised the draft taking into consideration the feedback provided by the community and partner and stakeholder organisations.
  6. Wimmera CMA’s Board approved the final RCS in June 2021.

The final Wimmera RCS was submitted to the Ministers responsible for administering the Victorian Catchment and Land Protection Act (CaLP Act) 1994 in June 2021 for their consideration. This includes the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change and Minister for Water.