Chair's foreword

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the region and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is pleased to share with you the Wimmera Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS). The RCS is the overarching strategy for integrated catchment management (ICM) in the Wimmera. ICM recognises that land, water and biodiversity are all part of connected systems that span from the top of the catchment to aquatic environments. It relies on people working together to coordinate planning, investment and on-ground activities in an efficient and effective way to achieve a range of environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes.

The RCS sets the long-term vision for ICM in the Wimmera and is based around four themes:

Peter Hilbig Wimmera CMA Chair

Peter Hilbig, Wimmera CMA Chair


The RCS describes the importance of each theme to the region, discusses trends in condition and factors impacting on theme condition and values. The strategy outlines desired outcomes for the next twenty and six years and priority directions to achieve these outcomes. The RCS recognises the important role of community members and groups in achieving the outcomes through stewardship of land.

There is strong recognition throughout of the deep and continuing connection First Nations People have to the Wimmera’s living cultural landscapes. There have been significant contributions by First Nations People to the content of the RCS. The RCS seeks to support ongoing collaboration and two-way learning in ICM.

Recognising that ICM is place based, the RCS describes the natural characteristics and threats in Local Areas and the outcomes local communities seek to achieve. These Local Areas are based around the local government areas in the Wimmera catchment management region. The aim of the RCS is to set outcomes and identify priority directions for ICM.

There are several additional themes that are integrated throughout the RCS including rural and regional liveability, community wellbeing, climate change, innovation and stewardship.

The RCS has been prepared by Wimmera CMA with and on behalf of the Wimmera community. In doing so it builds on the visionary leadership, community effort and practical on- ground outcomes characteristic of the Wimmera region.

I encourage the Wimmera community to familiarise themselves with the RCS and consider it when planning works and projects.

Peter Hilbig
Chair, Wimmera CMA