Monitoring and reporting

Wimmera CMA will coordinate regional monitoring and reporting that focuses on assessing progress towards the RCS’s 20-year and 6-year outcomes.

Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMA)s and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) have developed an Outcomes Framework, providing a consistent approach to monitoring and reporting on the implementation of Regional Catchment Strategies (RCS)s across Victoria’s 10 catchment management regions. The framework identifies a set of standard indicators that align with Victorian Government and Australian Government policies, thereby improving the way RCSs reinforce, promote and support government policy and objectives. Improved consistency in reporting across the state will also help demonstrate how local and regional-scale contributions achieve state wide outcomes. The state wide RCS Outcomes Framework can be viewed at Appendix 4 (see below).

The region’s progress towards achievement of the RCS’s outcomes will be monitored using outcome indicators specified in the Outcomes Monitoring Plan for the Wimmera RCS. Progress towards RCS implementation will be reported regularly in accordance with the Outcomes Monitoring Plan.

Mid-term and final reviews of the RCS also provide robust processes to monitor and report on implementation.

The Outcomes Monitoring Plan for the Wimmera RCS will be made available for downloading from Wimmera CMA’s website once it is finalised.

Wimmera RCS 2021-27 – Appendix 4